Update in Online Promotion in 2020

search engine optimization company atlantaCheck out the most important updates in online promotion for 2020

Online promotion is currently a widely used term, but it is not always very clear what steps need to be taken to effectively promote our business. First of all, we will need to establish what our priorities are and what are the general issues we should think about when choosing to promote our business online.

First of all, we need to establish a functional marketing strategy and that will be an action plan itself, an action plan that will help grow our business in the long term. An action plan will extend over a longer term and will pass momentary ideas such as the classic promotion through Google or Facebook, reaching professional aspects within this type of promotion.

Although promotion with the help of Google or Facebook are very effective strategies from so many points of view, they are effective only with certain age categories, in certain interest groups and for certain clients who know directly what they want or are present a lot in the online environment.

We also have to think about how much we want to invest in promoting our business and our marketing strategy. A problem often overlooked, investment in promotion is one that must be taken seriously and we must take into account the fact that in general there are types of investments in marketing and promotion, differentiated according to the type of company we think about.

Thus, there are two main categories:

– growing companies will invest in this aspect 12-20% of the turnover, to be imposed on the market

– established companies will invest 6-12% of the turnover, already having a market on which they can rely.

Online promotion channels are also important, of course, for which we need to know how both Facebook and Google algorithm work. SEM, for example, Search Engine Marketing, refers to search engine marketing, the method that includes both Google Adwords and SEO, and here we can discuss some other issues, such as:

– online promotion through Search Ads, namely the ads we see on Google

– promotion through Display Ads

– promotion through YouTube Ads, and so on.

SEO is a type of promotion that will help us attract organic and free traffic to our website, appearing in the first places in the search engines of all kinds, and the reason why it is worth investing in this method of promotion is effectively the fact that it has proven to be particularly effective.

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