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Why choose PPC campaigns?Why is WordPress the most used web design platform?

Many times, when we think about making our business better known, we do not really consider all the aspects that should seem important to us, but we choose to highlight only those that seem easier to be observed by our target audience or by our potential customers.

Thus, what we notice first and foremost when thinking about an advertising campaign is not necessarily what is really important.

And because physical business has moved almost 100% in the online domain, it is even more important to realize what really matters in the given conditions.

A physical business represented in the online environment will not benefit, as we tend to believe, from automatic advertising and self-recognition from those interested, be they customers or collaborators.

The platform on which we choose to place our website is also important; beginner platforms such as wordpress are the ones that set the tone for the online environment, so they are automatically the easiest to use and optimize to increase the number of users who have access to our page and our website.

SEO optimization of our website, whether it is on a wordpress platform or in another format, is a process that will help our potential clients or collaborators to find us faster in the online environment that is so crowded today, but also to differentiate between the countless websites that exist today.

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