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According to a survey conducted by Google, by December 2011 on the Internet there are approximately 273,301,440 active websites. Most of them are dead websites. That is, they were made for one purpose only. They have not undergone any modification from the moment they were created until now. Another part of them undergoes changes of content but they do not obtain a favorable position in the search engines because they are not done well in terms of optimization. And the rest are done well, they are regularly maintained and they are struggling through different marketing methods to reach or maintain their position in the search engines.

We come back to the most frequently asked question: What is SEO?

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. The most popular and currently used search engines are: Google, Yahoo !, Bing. Each of these search engines has a different algorithm for indexing and positioning web sites following specific searches (keywords). Thus, an attractive web design, and good content can bring your web site to a certain point. To get past that point and climb higher in the search engine results, a number of website changes and an optimization campaign are required. Obviously, all these operations are the result of a SEO consulting session, in which together with you, we set the target of the website and the keywords we want to focus on. Since it is not advisable to focus a web site on several keywords (we suggest 3-4), we will make a list of keywords that you want to achieve favorable results and we will analyze those words.

The frequency with which they are used, the combinations of words that can include your words, so that we concur with the words with a high frequency of use and which of course are relevant to your website (we cannot focus on the word “rent a car ” if the website has no connection to cars) because we will not get any results, on the contrary we will be penalized by the search engines.

Once the keywords have been established we will start onsite SEO Optimization, ie modifying some pages from the web site so that we make that web site as SEO friendly as possible. We modify the meta tags so that they have relevance and link to the content of the page they belong to. We edit the image tags and links. We structure the content in the most accessible way for the search engines.

Offsite optimization

Offsite SEO optimization is the most important stage. It involves a series of implementations and operations with a single purpose, which is to make your website relevant to search engines. Among the operations that are performed we list some, such as:

  • Manual registration in search engines
  • Manual registration in free web directories
  • Price comparison website registration (for e-commerce websites) *
  • Analysis and proposals of sponsored links *
  • Analyze and propose links exchange with other websites with content relevant to your website.
  • Creating advertising articles and posting them in free publications (press releases, article directories)
  • Identifying the right advertising, posting payment items *
  • Identify profile blogs, post messages between them
  • Identify profile forums, post messages between them

Another method of offsite SEO is video marketing that involves making a presentation video * and posting it on profile websites. But also a promotion campaign through advertising banners in which we offer:

  • Follow-up of the campaign
  • Realization of feedback report of the advertising campaign

All these operations will come with monthly activity reports for each section.

* The subscription does not include payments to third parties

* The costs of these modules are separate from the subscription