How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

SEO Optimization KeyWords3 ideas to help you find the right keywords

Keywords play a very important part in any article, and they can rank you in the top of Google search results. However, improperly chosen, you will not be able to enjoy their full potential, a mishappen which we are convinced you do not want at all. Therefore, in today’s article we will present some tips to help you choose the right terms, which will lead you on the road to success. Let’s discover them together!

Organize topics that are representative of your business

Every business operates in an area that represents it, and your business is certainly no exception to this rule. That is why, in order to discover the right keywords to insert later in the articles, we recommend that you even write down on a sheet of paper the main topics of your business. For example, if you market men’s watches, then a keyword might be “men’s watches.” Also, the same is true for companies that offer certain services to the public, not just online stores. By noting the representative words, it will be much easier for you to sort the right ones, which will appear later in future articles for your blog or service pages.

Look for other relevant topics

Most of the time, at the bottom of the first page of the Google results list, you can see the section for relevant topics, which are all based on the same keywords. That section is a real asset, especially if you want to know which keywords are attracting the public’s attention, being among the most used ones. Thus, you will know specifically what keywords you can insert into the site, so that you can attract the attention of the target audience and at the same time, you can increase the business audience. You’ve probably never thought of how useful such a section can be, which we often ignore completely, have you?

Use the Keyword Planner

In order to organize your keywords as well as possible, Google comes to your aid, giving you a very useful tool in such situations, namely the Keyword Planner. With this tool you will be able to see concretely the impact of the inserted terms on the business, so that, together with the statistics obtained, you can select exactly the keywords that help you to get the best results. If you have not used this tool so far, you should certainly do so because the information you receive will be more than useful.

At the end of the article…

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