Factors That Influence the Position in the Top of Google Searches

b2b enviroment during coronavirus pandemic3 main factors in the design of a site that affects the positions in Google searches

Any entrepreneur who owns a website wants their web page to rank first in Google search. However, to achieve this performance, it takes a lot of work and dedication, but also patience. However, the SEO optimization companies in Atlanta have noticed that there are some factors that influence this position, and in today’s article we will discover them together.


One very important aspect of quality optimization is the keywords. It goes without saying that these should not be chosen by number, but after a general analysis of the entire site, in order to form a total impression. Therefore, as a result of this analysis, you will discover what is the domain in which you activate, giving you the terms that can be inserted in the articles. It is very important to use keywords that are in the area you are working on, so that your audience can find you much easier. In addition, consider the type of business. If we are talking about a blog, opt for informational keywords that help the customer, while for a sales site, such as an online store, the terms will refer to the purchase.

Promotability of the domain

The domain in which you activate is crucial in getting the first Google position. While it may seem hard to believe, a publicly-searched domain will get a much more coveted position than a less-researched domain. Therefore, it is very important that the area in which you want to activate it is up-to-date, so as to attract the public’s attention as much as possible. Also, don’t forget to have the most attractive content, but as you probably already know, it differs greatly from the niche you have to the type of site.

Page loading speed

Another element that will raise (or lower) your business is the web page loading speed. A site that loads in about a second is visibly more popular than one that makes its presence felt after 6 seconds. In addition, Google loves speed, so you’ll have to be careful about this if you want to get on the first page, if not the first. Carefully optimize video and audio files as well as content within the site.

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