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How to choose the right content writer

SEO Importance for Your Website

How to choose the right content writer4 aspects that we must take into account when we want to promote our business

Within a business market as competitive as that of our country, we must become more and more aware of all the new developments, such as ways to advertise or ways to make our business known both online and in the physical environment. But how can we advertise on an already over-demanding and crowded market by so many companies that operate practically in the same limited areas ? There are, of course, some tested ways in which we will be able to promote our business on the business market, among which we must remember the safest ones:

  • creating a webiste that represents our physical business and online environment
  • use of classic methods to promote our business, such as TV clips or TV commercials
  • the use of printed advertisements, such as flyers or newspaper advertisements
  • commercials broadcast on the radio.

But what do we do when our business is wholly or largely sourced in the online environment and we must think of innovative ways to make ourselves more visible in the online world? Of course, today everyone has at least one basic website that we can navigate and that will be the cornerstone of the business we want to build and promote, so how can we make our webiste the one on which users choose to use it?

A website needs promotion itself, and this will always be achieved with the help of SEO tools – which practically increase the visibility of our website in the search engines used by most of those who surf the Internet.

A team specialized in SEO will know that search engine promotion has several essential components, including the introduction of the website in the known web directories, but also the writing of articles and announcements to promote our website. And we at Project Media Atlanta are exactly what you need: the perfect team to help you promote your business today!

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Seo Importance for the Company Image

novumtimisoara tablet landscape

Direct link between SEO and brand image

Today we all care about how we are perceived by those around us: both as individuals and as professionals in the field in which we operate. It is very important to be perceived in one way or another, so we reserve time to build an image or another, which corresponds to the way we see ourselves or the way we need to show ourselves to those around us.

If in the everyday world we can only build an image through what we do and say, in the online world this is much harder. Online, not facts, but figures speak: this is about statistics, searches in various search engines or rankings in online directories.

This aspect is very much related to our website, the one we choose to represent in the online environment and which should help us to promote our business. There are certain types of businesses, such as rent-a-car businesses, that have to benefit from promotion in the online environment, because this is the environment in which the majority of customers are looking for a rental car. Given that we are so used to everything being just a click away, it is easy to understand why most rent-a-car companies choose to activate online rather.

But a website is not enough, it must be permanently promoted, and SEO promotion of our website is especially important for businesses dependent on the online environment, such as rent-a-car businesses.

SEO promotion is a special type of promotion of our website, which involves calling on a team of professionals who will handle the proper promotion of our website. As part of the SEO process, the team of your choice to optimize the website in question, with the help of several specific tools such as articles written on specialized topics, ads and announcements published in specialized directories and registrations in our website directories.

Typically, we will choose a few keywords or key themes that we would like to promote to our rent-a-car website and start the process of optimizing our website.

Because SEO promotion of rent-a-car websites is an even more important process, since it is a type of business based mostly in the online environment, we must carefully choose the team that will handle the promotion of our website.

They need to focus on promoting our website to a certain percentage of the potential customers on the market, namely those we want to attract, depending on the specifics of our business, so we will have to make their wishes known.

Project Media Timisoara now gives you the opportunity to call on SEO services to promote websites attached to rent-a-car companies, at your disposal at any time. We’re waiting for you to contact us and we assure you that your company will be promoted exactly as you wish!

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Mistakes in SEO Optimization for Mobile

la plaja noua laptop3 common mistakes in SEO optimization of sites

SEO optimization is a very important topic, which is necessary for any site, especially if you are at the beginning of the road. Therefore, if you are preparing to optimize your mobile site, SEO optimization companies in Atlanta recommend that you take into account certain tips, in order not to cause the exact opposite of expectations. So, in today’s article you will discover the main mistakes you can make on the way to a successful site.

Page load time

One of the biggest problems you may face when you have a website is upload speed. A good site has a page loading speed of about one second, so in order to reach this performance it is very important to take into account the site structure and the size of the inserted files (images, videos or audio). A site that has upload issues will produce a rather unpleasant user experience, which is why it is very important to discover the cause that generates this, in order to fix the problem. Try studying Google’s recommendations to identify the cause of your content’s downtime.

Font size

Given that we refer to mobile optimization, it goes without saying that the screen size of a phone is much smaller than that of a laptop or computer. Therefore, the font size may change, becoming indecipherable and form hard-to-read content. So, try to check the readability of the writing on mobile phones, and if you find it difficult to read, try to fix the problem as quickly as possible. However, avoid inserting a font that is too small (but not too large) or hard to read. In this case we recommend that you go to the fonts Arial or Times New Roman, these being the most used, but also the most loved.

Elements too close to the touch

As I mentioned, the small screen size of a mobile phone makes many changes to a web site. The same can be said for the elements of the site, such as the menu or component pages. Check that they are not too close so that the public can easily access them. In this case, we recommend that you keep a distance of about 5 mm between the elements.


SEO optimization and its benefits in contexts different from the basic ones

Common Mistakes in Writing Blog Articles

SEO optimization and its benefits in contexts different from the basic onesAvoid these 3 mistakes, especially when writing articles for an SEO campaign

Blog articles are a very useful way to promote your site, but if done improperly, you will not be able to enjoy its true benefits. Unfortunately, especially for beginners, there are many more or less intentional mistakes. This is why, in this article, we will illustrate the most common mistakes you make when it comes to blog articles, so you don’t repeat them in your texts. Let’s discover them together!

Choice of inappropriate topics

The topic of the article is very important, especially since it is the one that causes the user to discover the content of the article. Also, if the blog is attached to the site of your business, it is self-evident what topics you should address, so that you focus on the business. As a small tip, we suggest that you always refer to the products or services that you make available to customers, about which to write the methods by which the customer can use a particular product, so that he can enjoy all its benefits. Although it may seem difficult to believe, topics that provide useful information to the client are also the most sought after!

The language is far too difficult

It may seem tempting to approach complex topics, which you will expose in a more academic way, so that the user understands how well prepared you are. However, too much difficult language will only confuse the user, precisely because he will not understand exactly what you want to expose. To make the text attractive, we recommend using a simple language, as if you were addressing the user personally. If you have to insert technical terms or words that are more difficult to understand, all you have to do is explain them, so that their meaning is fully understood.

You don’t show your personality

We all have different personalities, which make us unique from each other. The same is true for blog writers. And if you belong to this category, be sure to expose your personality to the public. Always try to be as open as possible, to express yourself exactly as if you were in front of it and would like to convey something, and the public will feel that way.

At the end of the article…

Blog articles are not easy to write, especially if you are not yet familiar with the idea of writing. That’s why our SEO optimization agency in Atlanta comes to your aid, giving you all the support you need to get impeccable articles, worthy of everyone’s admiration. Moreover, we also offer SEO optimization services, as well as online marketing, so that the business you own is permanently in the eyes of the users. All you have to do is contact us right now, and we’ll get to work immediately. Let’s get to know each other!

Marketing Online 2020 - Optimizing Featured Snippets

The Complete SEO Guide in 2020

Marketing Online 2020 - Optimizing Featured Snippets
via TechSpotGuruJi

SEO optimization is very important for every site, precisely for the business to reach the top of Google search.

However, as this part includes many steps that need to be taken, in today’s article you will find a complete guide to optimizing your site SEO. Let’s discover it together!

Step 1: Set up Google Analytics for site monitoring Before you start optimizing your site itself, it is very important to create an account on Google Analytics. Afterwards, you will also need to configure it to be able to provide the exact data you need. With this program, you will have the opportunity to monitor your business, giving Google Analytics data about each user.

Step 2: Configure the Google Search Console to monitor site impressions, placements, and error pages Like Google Analytics, Google Search Console is a free program that interprets the data provided by the aforementioned application. It also checks the indexing status of the site by the Google search engine, but also helps to optimize it. Moreover, it is very important that you connect your site carefully, entering all the elements and details you need to display the information. To complete this simple stage, you can enter your site map, this step increasing the efficiency of the application. Thus, search engine robots will discover the information on the webpage much easier, and optimization will be done in a timely manner.

Step 3: Configuring robots.txt and sitemap.xml Both robots, txt and sitemap.xml are protocols, these being the first documents scanned by search engine robots. Thus, before placing you in the top searches, these robots scan the mentioned protocols to find out your information within the site. For robots.txt, this protocol helps to stop indexing for a backend with sensitive data. For example, a site that holds data in secret folders will not be able to be indexed by search engine robots precisely because of this protocol. Therefore, these documents will help you in achieving a quality optimization.

Step 4: Install Yoast SEO or All in One SEO for WordPress WordPress is one of the most used platforms for creating a website, so more and more people are using such solutions. If you also own a WordPress site, then you need to know that it also needs SEO optimization. And to solve this problem, there are several modules, among which the most used, but also recommended are Yoast SEO but also All in One SEO. Also, if you are a beginner, you should know that these modules are specially designed for inexperienced people to get a site as they wish. Moreover, All in One SEO is translated into over 50 languages, so it can be understood by anyone.

Step 5: Establish keywords

Keywords are very important in site optimization, appearing in the top of Google searches with keywords. So in this case, you should opt for applications specifically designed for this purpose, which may include Google Search Suggest or Google Trends. With these so-called tools, you will be able to find out which are the most commonly used terms in the niche you activate, so that you can choose which keywords to enter in the articles to be posted. Moreover, the specified keywords will be reported worldwide, so not only Romanian. This way, you will choose the most commonly used words in the entire world, in order to attract as many users in a short time.


Step 6: Optimize site loading speed

Website loading speed is very important when we want our site to reach the top position in Google search. Therefore, in order for this to be optimal, the site should load in about a second. However, in order to reach this performance, it is very important to identify the causes that lead to this slower loading. Therefore, pay close attention to the database and, if you notice unnecessary data, you can delete them so as not to occupy unnecessary space. To check the page load speed, you can also choose PageSpeed Insights, a program offered by Google.


Step 7: Image optimization

One of the causes that lead to a very slow loading of the site is the images. Most of the time, we deal with the technical side of the site, but we completely forget about the images. Therefore, it is very important for them to be optimized in order to be consistent with the entire web page. And in this regard, you will have to deal with the image tag. Moreover, for the image name you can choose keywords. This will make them much easier to optimize. Finally, a final step in image optimization is its size, so if you can reduce it, feel free to do so.

Step 8: Optimize headings so that they contain keywords Headers are HTML tags, which are meant to highlight important elements within a page, so search engine robots will find out much more about what is on that page. Each heading is made up of more such titles, but increasingly smaller. Therefore, it is very important that the first headings (H1, H2, H3) contain keywords, precisely because they present the main topic of the page, subsequently, with the help of the sub-sections, reaching the particularities of the domain. Moreover, it is very important to carefully choose the sections and sub-sections so that they fully match the site page.

Step 9: Link optimization

Another very important step in optimizing your site is its links. Therefore, it is very important for them to contain a SEO friendly URL, precisely for search engines to be able to climb the site in the top of Google search. It is very important that the link is readable so that the Google slaves find out what you are about to present within the page. Therefore, not only the search engines will become familiar with the topic of discussion, but also the visitors of the site, by first contacting the URL, and subsequently with the actual page.

Step 10: Optimizing page titles

The title has the role of describing the entire content of the article, in a few words, so it is essential that it be optimized as well as possible. Therefore, in order to complete this step, we suggest you enter keywords from the title. However, do not repeat it several times, so as not to get the opposite of what you want: Google penalty. Also, for better optimization, opt for short, but human-friendly titles. For this purpose, we recommend that you choose a title that can fit a maximum of 50-60 characters. Apart from the fact that it will be much easier to read by Google, it will also be attractive to the user, becoming more and more curious about the products or services offered.

Step 11: Optimize the meta-description description that contains attractive keywords Meta description is very important for presenting an article, appearing just below the title of presentation, when displaying Google results. Therefore, properly designed, it will attract the target audience, thus increasing the site traffic. This is why we recommend entering keywords so that you get top positions in Google search. Moreover, opt for an attractive presentation to arouse the user’s curiosity about the services or products you can provide. Regarding its length, our recommendation is to not exaggerate with a description too wide, 150-160 characters more than enough. After all, it is important what you are about to convey, not necessarily the length of the paragraph.

Step 12: Insert external links to other pages that are linked to the page on which the link was created Another useful step in optimizing your site is the insertion of external links. Most of the time, the articles or pages on the site are related to each other, so in this case, step 12 should not be forgotten. These external links link to other documents, precisely to help the user understand the message you want to convey through the page. Thus, not only will the user have a much more enjoyable experience, but the search engine robots will also consider you when creating the top search engine.

Step 13: Insert internal links to other pages on the site If you have dealt with external links, then you should pay close attention to internal links as well. They have the role of creating that coherent architecture of the site, which is much easier to read by the user. Also, because it offers better site navigation, the visitor will spend more time on the site, which is essential when you want to optimize your site. Moreover, search engine robots will appreciate this step as they will be able to check your pages much more easily, tracing accurate channels, without any errors or difficulties when checking.

Step 14: Identify crawl errors and fix them before checking the actual pages, Google will deal with the crawling side. Specifically, it will simultaneously open the pages of the site, verifying what is their maximum opening time starting from the server. Google will also check the maximum number of pages that can be opened simultaneously. Therefore, in order to avoid crawl errors, it is very important to have a quality URL. So, carefully check all the parameters when creating it, so that you do not encounter the errors that are so common in the online environment. If the URL is according to the standard. Beware of the server on which the site is created, as it may also harm the user experience.

Step 15: Create a mobile-friendly website Each of us uses the phone for informational purposes, so a site that is mobile friendly will attract even more visitors. However, before you even take this step, you will need to consider the format of your site. Therefore, it will have to maintain its structure, regardless of the resolution or screen of the phone, precisely for this category of users to benefit from the same experience. For this step, we recommend using a few tools, specially designed to get a mobile-fiendly site. Moreover, you need to know that there are such tools, even offered by Google. In contrast, if you feel that this is a far too complex area, then you can rely on specialists who will take care of improving your site.

Step 16: Repair broken links

404 errors are becoming more common, especially if page links have not been created properly. Therefore, if your site is experiencing this problem, you will need to check the links used to display pages within the site. In this regard, we announce to you that, in order to check the technical status of the links within the site, we suggest you to use different tools specially designed for their monitoring. For example, you can use Google Search Console, one of the most widely used tools offered by Google itself.

Step 17: Secure the domain

Without a domain and without a quality server, your site cannot exist. Therefore, our recommendation is to call for a quality, secure domain that will give users more confidence. Whether we are talking about a .ro domain or a .com domain, it will need to be secure in order for your site to function optimally. In this regard, we recommend that your site be of type https: //, this being the most recommended domain for obtaining a secure site. So, along with the security certificate, you will legitimize yourself as the real owner of the site, while obtaining a secure site from all points of view. Finally, remember to use strong passwords, hackers can attack you anytime!

Step 18: Creating original content

If you’ve already got a healthy site, as it should, then the next step is to post content. Surely you have already learned that you must have content that is appropriate to the niche you activate, Avoid posting articles taken from other sites, precisely because you risk your site being permanently deleted. If you do not have enough experience in the field, or you simply find it too difficult, you can confidently call a content writer who will handle the written part of your site.

Step 19: Creating articles in the weekly blog topic You’ve probably already learned how important a blog is to promoting your business. However, if you created this topic, try to keep it alive by posting articles constantly. In this case, we recommend posting 1-2 articles per week, so that you have new content permanently, but without being too stifling. Also, be sure to enter targeted keywords so that they can be found in a short time by the public. In addition, with regard to the language used, opt for the simplest one, so that everyone can understand the message you are offering. So, reduce the language too much as much as possible, especially if you are targeting a large target audience, which does not have as much specialized knowledge.

Step 20: Creating articles and publishing them on other sites In addition to quality content, it is very important to know where to publish it. So, if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to promote your business in a smart way on other websites, while also publishing links to your web page. Moreover, be sure to choose sites that match the niche you are activating to gain credibility for your target audience. Also, in articles, don’t forget to use targeted keywords as well, so you can find the article much easier.

Step 21: Use the markup scheme

The last, but not the last, step we suggest you take to optimize your website is the markup scheme. This program has the role of analyzing all the content of the site, telling the search engines what each information within the site means. When a search engine analyzes your site, those robots see the entire site as a wealth of information, without the presence of product categories or information, as we see when we access a site. Thus, the markup scheme has the role of creating these categories, so that the slaves can better understand the information provided. Therefore, SEO optimization will be much better, this step is in your benefit, especially if you want to get the top positions in Google search

b2b enviroment during coronavirus pandemic

Factors That Influence the Position in the Top of Google Searches

b2b enviroment during coronavirus pandemic3 main factors in the design of a site that affects the positions in Google searches

Any entrepreneur who owns a website wants their web page to rank first in Google search. However, to achieve this performance, it takes a lot of work and dedication, but also patience. However, the SEO optimization companies in Atlanta have noticed that there are some factors that influence this position, and in today’s article we will discover them together.


One very important aspect of quality optimization is the keywords. It goes without saying that these should not be chosen by number, but after a general analysis of the entire site, in order to form a total impression. Therefore, as a result of this analysis, you will discover what is the domain in which you activate, giving you the terms that can be inserted in the articles. It is very important to use keywords that are in the area you are working on, so that your audience can find you much easier. In addition, consider the type of business. If we are talking about a blog, opt for informational keywords that help the customer, while for a sales site, such as an online store, the terms will refer to the purchase.

Promotability of the domain

The domain in which you activate is crucial in getting the first Google position. While it may seem hard to believe, a publicly-searched domain will get a much more coveted position than a less-researched domain. Therefore, it is very important that the area in which you want to activate it is up-to-date, so as to attract the public’s attention as much as possible. Also, don’t forget to have the most attractive content, but as you probably already know, it differs greatly from the niche you have to the type of site.

Page loading speed

Another element that will raise (or lower) your business is the web page loading speed. A site that loads in about a second is visibly more popular than one that makes its presence felt after 6 seconds. In addition, Google loves speed, so you’ll have to be careful about this if you want to get on the first page, if not the first. Carefully optimize video and audio files as well as content within the site.

Atlanta SEO Agency - SEO and Online Marketing Optimization

About SEO Optimisation Broadly

Atlanta SEO Agency - SEO and Online Marketing OptimizationWhen we talk about online promotion it is very easy to see what are the problems that may arise during an SEO promotion campaign being the acronym for Site Engine Optimization, promoting a site by this method must be regarded as a long-term process, and thus the following aspects must be understood:

SEO involves a long-term process, which must be taken seriously by both the site owners and the team that deals with the promotion itself.

– the client or potential client for a SEO campaign should be aware from the beginning that the results of such a campaign will only be seen after some time, sometimes lasting even months

– for this reason, the mechanism by which SEO works must be explained to the client before contracting the campaign itself

– since the directories in which the sites are indexed are generally some that are set up very quickly and are canceled as quickly, indexing the sites is still problematic since the beginning of the promotion process

So, attractive web design, and good content can bring your web site to a certain point. To get past that point and climb higher in the search engine results, a number of website changes and an optimization campaign are required.

SEO Optimization KeyWords

How to Choose the Right Keywords for SEO

SEO Optimization KeyWords3 ideas to help you find the right keywords

Keywords play a very important part in any article, and they can rank you in the top of Google search results. However, improperly chosen, you will not be able to enjoy their full potential, a mishappen which we are convinced you do not want at all. Therefore, in today’s article we will present some tips to help you choose the right terms, which will lead you on the road to success. Let’s discover them together!

Organize topics that are representative of your business

Every business operates in an area that represents it, and your business is certainly no exception to this rule. That is why, in order to discover the right keywords to insert later in the articles, we recommend that you even write down on a sheet of paper the main topics of your business. For example, if you market men’s watches, then a keyword might be “men’s watches.” Also, the same is true for companies that offer certain services to the public, not just online stores. By noting the representative words, it will be much easier for you to sort the right ones, which will appear later in future articles for your blog or service pages.

Look for other relevant topics

Most of the time, at the bottom of the first page of the Google results list, you can see the section for relevant topics, which are all based on the same keywords. That section is a real asset, especially if you want to know which keywords are attracting the public’s attention, being among the most used ones. Thus, you will know specifically what keywords you can insert into the site, so that you can attract the attention of the target audience and at the same time, you can increase the business audience. You’ve probably never thought of how useful such a section can be, which we often ignore completely, have you?

Use the Keyword Planner

In order to organize your keywords as well as possible, Google comes to your aid, giving you a very useful tool in such situations, namely the Keyword Planner. With this tool you will be able to see concretely the impact of the inserted terms on the business, so that, together with the statistics obtained, you can select exactly the keywords that help you to get the best results. If you have not used this tool so far, you should certainly do so because the information you receive will be more than useful.

At the end of the article…

In order to be able to select the best keywords for your articles, the web design agency ProjectMedia comes to your aid with the best tools, but also with a team of professionals that will lead you to success. Moreover, with our team you will not only discover the best web design services, but also the ones for online promotion, so that you can reach the top of Google results with us. Are you ready for a successful business? If yes, contact us right now!

How SEO Helps Us in Everyday Use

How Seo Helps Us In Everyday Use

How SEO Helps Us in Everyday Use3 ways in which an SEO optimization agency can help us

Although we are much more educated today regarding the internet, its benefits and pitfalls, we often have the false impression that we are good at everything about the online environment, sometimes we are confronted with situations that cause us trouble. Without necessarily being trained in this field, we start online steps to promote ourselves or our business and we can make mistakes that will cost us dearly later.

If we choose to be represented in the online environment we must consider a number of factors that are decisive for how this promotion will unfold further.

Why does our online promotion depend? Well, if we are talking about promoting a business, then we have to consider that we will have to do a market research first. A company specialized in this field, promoting in the online environment, will help us see if we have clients who are looking for us in the online environment and what are the benchmarks after which they are looking for us. Especially in the case of a business that involves keyword research, or in the case of a small business, we need to be aware of how we can effectively promote our business.

Thus, a specialized company will help us find out the following:

  • who are our potential clients, as well as the demographic component and not only • what keywords to enter in search engines to find our business • how we should promote our business and what are the most efficient methods for this process.

Only after completing these steps can we really think about how we can truly promote a business. A very good method, but not necessarily known in our country on a large scale, to promote our business, whether small or not, is the use of SEO tactics.

But why do we say that it is not necessarily known? Because most online business owners choose to use Google Adwords or social media to promote their business and ignore the professional methods of promoting in the online environment.

But what is SEO? SEO is the acronym for Search Engine Optimization, namely the optimization of a website to be “viewed” and indexed by the search engines and, hence, to more easily reach a potential customer who enters in the search field a keyword or more.

The difference between SEO and the usual methods of promotion such as Google Adwords or Facebook is basically the investment that is made from a financial standpoint. If for Google Adwords or Facebook a small amount has to be paid for each access, SEO requires a higher initial investment, but also a greater efficiency in time and in different ways .

This is due to the fact that SEO as a promotion tactic involves several aspects, which cover all the needs of a client and ensure the success of our business, the SEO team taking care to use:

  • articles to promote our business
  • announcements and ads posted on special sites • indexing our website in specialized web directories.

So why not invest in SEO and make sure your business will be successful in the long run, and not just a moment of popularity that will quickly disappear?

Call with confidence the specialized team from Project Media Atlanta and we will offer you the consulting and services you need in the field of SEO.

Why choose an inbound marketing agency?

Who Needs SEO Optimization in Atlanta 2020

Why choose an inbound marketing agency?The first steps in SEO optimization of a site

A website is a portal that our clients or collaborators can access to have a better overview of our physical business – we all know this definition, but how many of us really know what lies behind the creation and promotion process online of a website?

For our vast majority, this process is one that comes naturally, a website promoting our business automatically.

But, apart from the fact that a website has to be professionally designed, to have an exceptional web design, it must also benefit from a SEO optimization process meant to promote this website online.

The online environment is increasingly competitive, so an online promotion process is automatically required to succeed in this environment.

A SEO agency or a professional SEO company will make these steps that are so necessary for us, but how will this have to be done to promote our business online?

What steps can we take to promote our business or our website online? We can call a SEO agency that will follow a logical pattern to help us optimize the SEO of our website:

  • it will start with a process of “diagnosis” or auditing the website, in order to determine what is needed in terms of SEO promotion • following this step, the strategy for online promotion of the website in question will follow • strategy followed by the SEO optimization itself with the help of article publishing, insertion of the website in specialized directories and so on.

If you need to promote your website in the online environment, we at the SEO agency Project Media Atlanta will provide you with the best online promotion services on the market.

Call us today and we will not disappoint you!

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